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8 Replies to “ Goodbye Mr. Decker - Unknown Artist - The Original Star Trek Box (CD) ”

  1. Jul 02,  · Great uplifting music and hits on target with any star trek situation. The dramatic, sometimes high strung music is definitely star trek! And unlike the flat dull stagnent Next Generaton, Voyager, or the stoic tarn scummed Deep Space 9 garbage, or worse, the "Full House" Pop artzy style "Enterprise" juvinile jackanapes only drivel, this Courage and company origial serial music brings not /5(8).
  2. CD Baby, de cara foi uma grande facilitadora para mim, desde lá, lançamos um disco, um EP e agora novos Singles virão até o fim do ano. Tudo de forma simples, prática e organizada. Tenho muito carinho pela plataforma, pois sou muito bem atendida pela equipe sempre muito solícita e atenta as minhas demandas e ideais.
  3. Jun 29,  · Filmscore Fantastic Presents: Star Trek TOS: Mirror Mirror the Suite composed by Fred Steiner Main Titles composed by Alexander Courage. Kirk, .
  4. Jun 02,  · The Official Star Trek Website and gateway to the final frontier. Skip to main content Search. Submit. Try Star Trek: Picard Star Trek: The Original Series. WATCH: My First Contact: Star Trek Fans, Part 3. m See All Videos. Features. The Impossible Box. 1. 5. Feb 20, Stardust City Rag. 1. 4. Feb 13, Absolute Candor. 1. 3.
  5. The one where Kirk screams Khan's name.. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the second movie in the Star Trek film series, released in The plot features the charismatic genetically-engineered tyrant Khan Noonien Singh of the original Star Trek episode "Space Seed", fifteen years after the events of the protcamahteledurlacarbelldolume.coinfo escapes his exile with revenge against the man who sent him into exile.
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  7. Deanna Troi and First Officer Commander William T. Riker are characters reminiscent of Lt. Ilia and Will Decker of the aborted Star Trek: Phase II series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Armin Shimerman, known as the Ferengi barkeep Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, portrays the Ferengi Letek as well as a Betazoid gift box.
  8. Feb 24,  · Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin () Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut featured a mix of original material and covers of blues songs, including a re-recording of the track “Dazed and Confused,” originally written and recorded by Jake Holmes, which was also covered by Jimmy Page’s old band the Yardbirds. Oddly enough, the iconic record was met with mixed reviews — Rolling Stone called.

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